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If they have a similar personality, they will likely become friends naturally over time, or other miis will choose to introduce them at some stage, when this happens, you must positively encourage any friendships or romantic feelings, and with a bit of luck the two of them will become sweethearts.

Just saying this now. If you have two mii's that are going out with each other and you want their relationship to grow stronger, a good way to do this is to give them a travel ticket. It increases their feelings by a whole level because they feel things by different levels as you might know But be careful, travel tickets are hard to come by: Does anyone know anymore ways besides travel tickets?

I have two Miis on my island that I want to get together. I know the tester is just a guide, but can I actually get them together? Hi emi, it may still be possible to get the two Miis together, but it will be harder with a low compatibility score. You may have to wait until the chosen Miis are introduced to each other by another Mii either on a date or as friends before anything will happen romantically.

[Vinesauce] Vinny - Tomodachi Life 1-57 Extended Special

Also, getting your miis to travel together with a Travel Ticket boosts their friendship. When I first got the game, my first couple was a girl and her "Best Friend Forever". I may have skimmed this, but I wanted to also notify all you Tomodachi players that a Travel Ticket also boosts relationship points. If you see your miis not getting along, send them away on a trip- they'll come back happier.

However, the female Mii went after my Squidward Mii, and I told her that they were a bad couple, and after a while she stopped thinking about him. I want to get the two Miis I mentioned together, but the male Mii knows nobody and the female Mii only knows Squidward. Try making their personalities more similar to each other. That can help them decide to become friends and they may become sweethearts at a later date, although this isn't guaranteed. There is this girl in tomodachi life i want to set up with my mii.

We are not friends though. My brother in the game later on confessed feeling's for her but i stopped it right away. Then my friend tried to set the girl and i up. It didn't work though. I said yes and know she is curious. What do i do know. As you may already know from reading the above article, this game is incredibly random. You have done all the right things so far.

Maybe swapping your rooms around in your apartment so that your mii and the chosen girl mii can be neighbours can sometimes lead to them becoming friends. To do this, simply click on the large entrance doors at the front of the Mii Apartment building and then select 'Room Swap' before following the on-screen instructions. Furthermore, it may be worth editing your chosen girl miis personality to make it more similar to your miis personality, as this will also help the two of them become better friends and may lead to them becoming sweethearts later.

Apart from that, there really is nothing else you can do except sit and wait. Several people have tried setting them up, but they all have ended up with "they didn't hit it off so great" or "they are gonna stay friends for now. It is difficult to get Miis with extremely low compatibility ratings to become sweethearts. Try editing their personalities a little so that they can become more compatible with each other romantically: Sorry if i spelled wrong!

Miis will occasionally reward you with a Travel Ticket after you help them solve a problem. Like the sewing machine and frying pan reward items, Travel Tickets are rare, so it may take some time to be given one. Keep solving as many of your Miis problems as you can. I have this two miis together as a couple. They are getting along ok, but when I talked to one of them, he said that things weren't going too well, so told him to try to work it out, but the couple broke up in the end.

I want this couple to stay together, as it's me and my boyfriend, so I turned off the game so we are still going out. But my boyfriend's orange bubble the problem where we wants to break up with me won't go away Use a travel ticket. This usually boosts couples relationship scores, and may stop the problem.

Otherwise, you can always delete one of the characters and then redesign them and let the relationship start from scratch. Hi, you should try and change some of the choices that you make in the pre-date arrangements. Where the Miis meet, or the manner in which the girl mii asks the boy mii out, such as whether she uses a line or gives a present etc. Try a different combination than one used previously and see if this helps.


How to have same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life

Also, check their compatibility, as if this is low it may not be a good relationship to start with. Thank you very much Mini Gamers! I will Definatly come here again if i have Issues in Tomodachi life!! Hey is there anyway for the guy in my paring to propose instead of the girl? The both have "let's get married" status, but for the past three days only the girl was suggesting to marry.

I know that I could just let the girl propose, but it's my pet peeve for a girl to propose to a guy. The mii with the strongest compatibility will ask to propose usually. Mini Gamers has not found anything that can influence this yet. Hey this more of a pet peeve more than anything else, but is there anyway to make the guy in the relationship to propose instead of the girls? For the past three days they both have the "let's get married" status, so any ideas?

Compatible Personalities : tomodachilife

I have a question. I got me and my boyfriend into TL and guess what!? Him and Princess Bubblegum Adventure Time. I'm a big fan soo.. So, I ended up turning my guy into 'Space Hamster' and recreating my boyf. We actually became best friends, but I was wondering… Is there a way I can make them get into a love relationship from here? Is a girl and boy being best friends a sign of leading to a relationship?

When you re-create them their level will go down to 1, and they will have 0 relationships, like any person who just moved into a apartment. Also, if they ask if their friendship rating should go up say yes, and you will eventually morph into either Best Friends BF Ranking Best friend forever is best or sweethearts, or even after time, a married couple.

Marceline the vampire queen again AT character stole my dude, so I deleted her and made her again. After that she hasn't been interested: Responding positively to any question concerning your boyfriend's mii and your mii can push them from friends to sweethearts, but there is nothing direct that you can do to really influence this choice. You can also try keeping them away and responding negatively to other potential female love interests, which should make them lose interest eventually.

What do I do? Keep responding positively whenever your mii or your mii's best friend ask your opinion about their friendship. Also using a travel ticket might boost their friendship if they both go on holiday together. Yes, when the miis that you are referring to ask you for your opinion about their friendship, simply respond negatively. If you do this a few times, it should stop them pursuing the friendship. These 2 Mii's are sweethearts and one is at let's get married and the other totally in love. I failed the proposal once and it had been about a week.

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You will get another chance at the proposal mini game some time soon. I talk about that more in depth here: Patience is key in this game. Use travel tickets, keep building up the relationships with positive statements when asked, and hopefully, your chosen mii will propose soon enough. Do I wait for the heart-bubbles? Hi AJ, it's okay. Are your chosen Miis friends yet? If not, this is where you start. Simply respond positively to any statements that one Mii might make about the other [such as "I think me and Isn't there two personalitys that get along?

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My miis want to get married can tell by their relationships but they haven't told me they want to. Can you please help me? Compatibility rating is 62 Talk of the Town! Hi VlamperCraft Ftw, unless your miis tell you they want to get married, they probably aren't ready for that commitment yet. Try waiting a bit longer. Maybe the mii is too similar to your girl mii.

Sometimes opposites can attract better. Try editing your character to make him more appealing to her. Yes, a lot of us Tomodachi Life fans probably wish that, but then it would take all the fun out of waiting for it to happen: Yes, this is a good plan for getting the Miis together, but don't forget that their personalities also have to be compatible for the relationship to work long-term.

Try using the compatibility tester to see how compatible your chosen Miis are. Thanks for the help, Mini Gamers! I recently got Tomodachi life and I have a couple already married and expecting a child, and I only started a few days ago! You are very welcome! Glad we could help you! Hope you continue to enjoy the game! Having your two chosen Miis become friends and start hanging around together a lot, eventually leading to them becoming 'best friends,' will no doubt increase the relationship scores of your two chosen Miis, and may make one of them think about asking the other one out.

When the relationship reaches a certain level, one of your chosen Miis will say something like: What do you think? It might be worth checking your Miis compatibility rating before deciding to let them become a couple. The compatibility rating is based on things such as your Miis likes and dislikes and their individual personalities. Nevertheless, the compatibility rating is merely a guide , and it is possible to have Miis with low compatibility form relationships with each other over time, just as it is equally possible to have Miis with a high compatibility rating suddenly wish to break-up after being in a relationship for only a short time.

It is part of the quirky nature that is Tomodachi Life , and there does not seem to be a specific rhyme or reason to it. Other Miis on the island may also have a suggestion about who would make a good couple and may prompt you by saying something like: You should encourage the matchmaking Mii to get their suggested couple on some dates and see what happens. If the two Miis have compatible personalities, then cupid's arrow just might hit its intended target once they have both agreed to a date. A good way of telling whether a potential romance is about to blossom is to watch the various thought balloons that surround your Tomodachi Islanders.

Hearts often mean that romance is close at hand, while orange thought balloons with the face of another Mii in it can mean that the Mii who thought it has romantic feelings for the person whose face is being displayed.

Let’s get some basics out of the way first...

Again, there is no way of knowing whether the combination of all these elements will actually result in a successful romantic coupling, as this will all depend on whether the object of your Mii's affections has a compatible personality, and his or her individual likes or dislikes and general mood. If the object of your Mii's affections also happens to have a high compatibility with another potential suitor on the island, then that rival Mii may well show up on your Mii's date and also declare their affections for your Mii's intended sweetheart.

It will then be up to the Mii who is the object of those desires to make a choice between his or her available suitors, so even after planning the perfect date, your Mii may still find themselves being spurned by the one they love. Thus, Tomodachi life can sure seem unfair at times, can't it?

Once your chosen Miis have become sweethearts, they may wish to marry. Oddly, the process of getting your Mii to propose to his or her sweetheart depends on a quirky little mini-game in which a series of Tomodachi Mii faces will appear to flash through your Mii's mind. Only one of these Miis will be your Mii's intended fiance e.

Compatibility Tester

The object of the mini-game is to tap on the heart symbol every time your Mii's sweetheart is displayed , but you will have to be quick , as it will only be on screen for about one second before another face appears. If you correctly select your Mii's sweetheart three times in quick succession , then the proposal will be accepted and your Miis will be free to enjoy married bliss and unlock new portions of the game that can only be accessed by married characters. Don't worry if you fail the mini-game , there will always be another chance for your Mii to propose again, but it may not happen straightaway, so you will have to be patient.

In conclusion, the nature of Tomodachi Life means that the game is subject to a lot of random and sometimes unwanted gameplay. The player's role is much more voyeuristic than in other games of this type and thus although the player can guide their Miis in certain directions during the game, they ultimately are unable to force their Miis to do things that the Miis themselves do not want to do.

Thus in the case of romance within Tomodachi Life , it is a lot of luck, some compatibility and some player-led decisions that will make the chosen Miis fall in love, but hopefully the above steps will help you to know where to start when it comes to leading your chosen Mii down the rocky path to romance and all the chaos and drama that unfolds along with it.

Anonymous 15 July at Anonymous 4 August at Anonymous 28 October at Anonymous 10 February at Anonymous 2 March at LittleLadyAbby 6 August at Anonymous 10 August at Anonymous 11 August at It's a shame it seems the personalities have different names in the UK version - it's hard to place them with this: You should be able to use it to figure out which goes with the UK version.

If you want, you can edit the names to the UK version and post it to help out others: Thank you so much! I'll have to ask my fiance to help me change this later since I'm bad at that stuff: My mii is a Confident Designer and my mii and Peter Griffin are married and he is an Outgoing Charmer, so we get the most compatible match! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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