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Five Times Kurt and Blaine Have Sex and the One Time They Wake Up Together

The person in the gorilla suit appears, and Kurt is confused when the card he is given reads "I think I love you"; considering Blaine has already said "I love you" to Kurt in season two, he questions, "Wait, you think you love me? They sit down, and Karofsky confesses to Kurt saying that he "hated who he was" for bullying Kurt, and that he is trying to be honest with what he is feeling. Kurt is flattered and proud of Karofsky, but eventually turns him down by saying that he doesn't really love him, and also that he is with Blaine.

Kurt also tells Karofsky that he likes him as a friend, but only as friends. Disappointed and heartbroken, Karofsky tries to leave, but eventually runs into his friend, Nick, who suspects Kurt and Karofsky are hanging out for Valentine's Day. Kurt explains that they used to go to the same school, and they've just bumped into each other.

Nick still suspects the two, and Karofsky leaves. When Sugar's party aka. Sugar Shack starts, Kurt is alone, surrounded by all the couples in the party. Kurt is surprised by Blaine's appearance, and his face brightens up. Blaine dedicates the song to "all the lovers in the room," and starts off the song Love Shack by throwing his eye patch away, showing that he has fully recovered from his injury. During the number, Blaine offers his microphone to Kurt to sing. Kurt shakes his head, but to Blaine's surprise, Kurt has his own microphone and joins in.

Blaine pulls Kurt to the stage by his tie, and the two boys dance, sing, and laugh together throughout the song. Blaine is upset to learn of Sebastian's blackmail attempt and invites Kurt to the auditorium to listen to him sing Cough Syrup as a possible Regionals song about inspiration. Before singing though, Blaine snaps when Kurt brings up Sebastian, but quickly apologizes, saying he doesn't want to think about Sebastian, only about winning. He apologizes for the slushie incident, which Blaine does not accept.

Sebastian also rescinds his blackmail attempts, but Kurt and Blaine are skeptical until Sebastian seems heartfelt in his declaration following the news of Karofsky's suicide attempt. When the New Directions are discussing the things they are looking forward to, Blaine mentions he is looking forward to marriage equality in all 50 states, which Kurt smiles at.

As they announce the judges for Regionals, Kurt quickly reaches for Blaine when the late night vampire horror host is announced. Blaine quickly turns to jokingly "rawr" at Kurt. After the competition, Kurt and Blaine walk down the hall holding hands. Kurt and Blaine wait as part of the bridal party with Rachel as they prepare for Finn and Rachel's Justice of the Peace wedding. As they walk down the hallway, Kurt indicates that Blaine seems preoccupied. Blaine says it's because his brother is in town and is planning to take him to lunch.

Kurt indicates that he's quite curious about Blaine's mysterious brother who he won't talk about. When Cooper arrives, Kurt is awestruck and recognizes him from his commercials. He flails at Cooper, telling him his commercial is his ringtone. Kurt follows the brothers down the hall, staring at Cooper saying, "Blaine, your brother is the best looking man in the whole of North America. Kurt says, "No Blaine, you have to. You're both so handsome and good. Kurt takes notes during Cooper's acting master class. Blaine notices this and asks why he's bothering to write down what Blaine thinks is bad advice from Cooper.

Blaine laughs to amuse Kurt, but clearly still has a lot on his mind. Kurt sympathizes with Blaine and his brother issues. Kurt encourages Blaine to try to resolve his issues with Cooper. When Blaine says that talking to him doesn't work, Kurt implies he should sing to him. Kurt and Blaine dancing in More Than a Woman. Schue is choreographing the dance routine with the wooden models Blaine and Kurt can be seen sitting talking with Rachel and Mercedes about the future.

While they are dancing to More Than a Woman , Kurt can be seen jumping about acting very energetic and Blaine is grinning lovingly at Kurt. Kurt approaches Blaine at his locker talking about which Whitney Houston song he's going to sing. He eventually decides that he "kill two birds with one stone," by using one for the assignment and one for his upcoming NYADA audition. Blaine appears distant and says he won't be able to go with Kurt to get the sheet music.

When Kurt goes to the music store, he meets Chandler who compliments his outfit and the two enthusiastically discuss their upcoming auditions for different New York schools. When Chandler asks Kurt for his phone number, Kurt hesitates for a moment, realizing what could be happening. Rachel sees Kurt's reaction upon receiving a text and assumes it is from Blaine. He shares with her the flirty puns he's been sharing with Chandler. He comments that he and Blaine are becoming like an old married couple and haven't had an unscheduled make out session in a month.

He refers to Chandler's texts as innocent. Rachel points out that it isn't as innocent as Kurt believes if he wouldn't show Blaine the texts. During Santana and Rachel's performance of So Emotional , Kurt is receiving more text messages from Chandler and laughing and sharing them with Sam. Meanwhile, Blaine is sitting uncomfortably noticing that something is clearly wrong with how much Kurt is enjoying whatever is happening with his phone.

He leans over; trying to see what Kurt is looking at, but is too far away to see anything. Kurt walks into his bedroom with snacks to find Blaine looking devastated with Kurt's phone in his hand. Blaine asks who Chandler is. His phone had been buzzing repeatedly because Chandler had been texting him. Kurt insists it is innocent, but Blaine believes it is cheating.

Kurt compares it to Blaine contacting Sebastian, but Blaine says that he didn't like Sebastian. He believes Kurt likes Chandler. Kurt admits he likes how Chandler makes him feel and questions the fact that Blaine hasn't made him feel special lately. Blaine points out that he changed schools for him and gave up his changed life to be with Kurt. Kurt says it's difficult to have an alpha gay boyfriend who gets all of the performances. Blaine tells him he should have just talked to him about his unhappiness instead of cheating.

Kurt still insists it wasn't cheating and says it's okay. Blaine follows up saying, "It's not right, but it's okay He introduces it by saying, "This song is for anyone that's ever been cheated on. I didn't cheat on you. Kurt is extremely upset. Once Blaine has finished the song he storms out angrily.

After Kurt has a bonding moment with his father, who admits he's been avoiding the fact that Kurt will be leaving and how much he'll miss him, Kurt sings his apology to Blaine in a very heartfelt rendition of I Have Nothing , bringing Blaine to tears, though he is still clearly hurt. Pillsbury to provide couples counseling for them.

Blaine admits that he doesn't like how Kurt snaps his fingers at wait staff and how he slips bronzer into his moisturizer, because he only uses it on his hands, and it looks weird if a person only has tan hands before confessing the real issue. He is frustrated that they only talk about New York, and he thinks that Kurt can't wait to start his new life and leave Blaine behind. He continues by saying he's been distant because he's trying to get used to life without Kurt, who he refers to as "the love of his life. Blaine says, "I love you so much" to which Kurt replies, "I love you too," they share a loving embrace and all is forgiven.

Blaine approaches Kurt's locker. When Kurt gets a text, he tells Blaine that he told Chandler not to text him. Blaine replies that it's from him, and Kurt is surprised because it is clearly a very suggestive and this time unscheduled plan to skip Glee practice. Earlier in the episode, Kurt had mentioned to Rachel that he and Blaine schedule make-out sessions, and that they haven't had an unscheduled make-out session in a month. When Kurt reads the text, he looks up at Blaine and says "How unscheduled of you," so it seems that Blaine wanted to blow off glee practice to make out.

They eventually decide to go to Glee because they only have so many left together. The two attend Glee together, holding each other and interacting lovingly during the performance of My Love Is Your Love. At the conclusion of the song, Blaine jumps to his feet in applause, shouting, "Fantastic! Blaine is surprised by his ideas. Kurt wants to show he's ahead of the curve and thinks that this performance is too safe and boring. When Kurt suggests he might just need more candles, Blaine looks at the hundreds of candles on the stage and tells him that's definitely not it.

She says that would be a huge mistake and that she believes he is sabotaging himself without sticking to what is safe. Kurt is terrified to learn that they will be auditioning for Carmen Tibideaux. Blaine, Will, and Rachel watch from the audience behind Ms. All three love his performance and begin clapping, though they cut themselves off, knowing it isn't appropriate during the audition. Tibideaux praises Kurt's performance, Blaine looks quite proud of him.

Kurt and Blaine are sitting beside each other when Brittany comes in to tell New Directions that the theme of the prom is dinosaurs, and that one of the rules is that you can't wear hair gel, an idea Blaine laughs and finds ridiculous. Kurt and Blaine sing with Rachel during the performance of Big Girls Don't Cry sharing loving looks throughout the performance.

It's there that all three of them express discomfort into attending the prom for their own reasons. They decide to throw their own prom, called the "Anti-Prom," enlisting on some of the glee club members to join. Boredom quickly sets in and the group soon starts to question their motives for being there and not at the McKinley Prom. Blaine's argument is that he's scared to show himself to Kurt without gel. After Finn convinces Kurt and Blaine to come to prom, Brittany tells Blaine that he can't join unless he gets rid of the gel in his hair. Kurt looks at Blaine and tells him that he can do it, and Blaine leaves.

Later during the prom, Blaine rejoins the prom with all eyes on him in shock, including Kurt and Brittany. After Brittany realizes that Blaine needs the gel, she tells him that he can go back and apply the gel. Just when he leaves, Kurt stops him, telling him that he loves him no matter what his hair looks like. Kurt said that he wants everyone to see how proud he is of his brave, handsome, bushy-haired boyfriend. When Quinn stands up in Take My Breath Away , they pause their dancing to look at her, shoked with Kurt mentioning it was a miracle.

During Paradise By The Dashboard Light , Kurt and Blaine sing a duet together and can be seen dancing together during the rest of the song. When the judges announce the winner, they are holding hands and hugging each other. During the hallway celebration in Tongue Tied , a jock possible a bully comes up and hugs a surprised Kurt while Blaine laughs happily and smiles. When Will brings up the assignment of farewells, Blaine and Kurt share a moment of their own as they stare at each other, around the same time Will points out that people will be leaving.

As they walk into a classroom together, Kurt tells Blaine that his father dance of Single Ladies Put A Ring On It was the best graduation present he had received, a comment Blaine questioned about, with his gift of monogrammed towels. Kurt replied that he doesn't need to give him a gift. Blaine makes Kurt face the facts that Kurt is graduating and would that they would have to have a long distance relationship. Kurt tells Blaine that he imagines his life as the ending of "The Notebook.

The difference is that in his version, he would be telling this to his high school sweetheart, implying that he wants to be with Blaine, even at the end of his life. Kurt reassures him that he would never say goodbye to him and that they could make a long distance relationship work.

Blaine looks relieved to hear this, and changes to topic to Kurt's final song and how he would say goodbye. Kurt sings I'll Remember to the group, but especially to the males of the club. During this song, Kurt mimics a fishing rod to Blaine and they share a dancing moment. As they release, Kurt and Blaine share a meaningful look and Kurt shrugs, almost in defeat.

Hookup: Finn and Quinn

During In My Life , Blaine sings the song to Kurt and the other graduating members, and they continue to share various amounts of eye contacts and smiles. It seems that they might have hugged after the performance, but you can't see too well. At the ceremony, Kurt walks up to Blaine and starts to cry. Blaine gives him a handkerchief and sends him off to the stage. He is extremely excited for the upcoming Glee Club auditions, and questions whether it's sad that he's more excited than Brittany and Blaine are.

Before the conversation can completely continue, Kurt is called over by Kitty , who complains that her iced latte is "too cold. He looks back to Brittany and Blaine, who are leaving. Blaine gestures with his hand that he'll call Kurt later, and then the two leave. During the Glee Club auditions, Kurt and Blaine are seated next to each other, but there is no real interaction between the two during that scene. Later, Kurt and Blaine are drinking coffee in the courtyard.

After Kurt gives Blaine advice on being the new lead soloist, which was decided beforehand, Blaine asks if he can give Kurt some advice as well. Blaine tells Kurt that he doesn't belong in Ohio anymore. Kurt agrees, saying he knows that he is pathetic. Blaine is quick to reply, saying that Kurt isn't pathetic, just stuck.

He said that Kurt belongs in New York. He says that he would hate to see him go, but he knows that it's killing Kurt to stay in Lima, and that that's killing him. Kurt asks "What about us? With the help of the Cheerios, he serenades Kurt with It's Time. The two share loving and flirtatious looks throughout the song. When Blaine is done, the two hug tightly, and Kurt tells Blaine that he will miss him.

While talking to Rachel in their new, spacious apartment, Kurt informs her that Blaine told him about the second Britney week. This hints that he and Blaine have communicated in some form after Kurt left Lima. Besides this, Kurt and Blaine took a backseat in this episode. The episode starts with the first Blaine voiceover. He talks about how he's joining so many clubs to fill the void since Kurt was in New York, and he gazes at a picture of him and Kurt in his locker with his head on Kurt's shoulder.

It also shows Kurt and Blaine having a "Skype date" while watching Treme with Kurt, and he slides the popcorn bowl towards the computer while Kurt eats a piece of popcorn. After Rachel's makeover, Kurt and Blaine talk on Skype. Blaine, while incredibly happy for Kurt and his success, is visually upset because Kurt keeps talking about how amazing it all is. When Blaine tries to interject, Kurt seems uninterested. Kurt dismisses Blaine's question about what bow tie he should wear for the debate and Blaine is clearly hurt by Kurt's seemingly lack of concern. It seems that Blaine is feeling like Kurt is so busy and taken with his work that he'll forget about him.

During the party following Blaine's election as class president, Artie asks Blaine what Kurt's response was to hearing about Blaine's triumph, to which Blaine says Kurt was planning him a whole inaugural ball. Blaine had not told Kurt yet. Blaine decides to call Kurt to share the news.

Kurt, who is talking with colleagues, guiltily declines the call. Blaine confides in Sam that he feels alone because he only came to McKinley for Kurt, and he did all of this for him and now that he's gone it feels like none of it matters. Sam gives him some good advice, and the two boys' friendship strengthens. While Kurt is at work and Blaine is at school, Kurt calls Blaine, who immediately lights up when seeing Kurt's calling. Their conversation is interrupted however by the Vogue office phones ringing off the hook.

Kurt tells Blaine he doesn't want to miss their phone dates, but that this could be a career for him. Blaine says he understands, but he misses Kurt. Kurt tells Blaine he misses him too and reminds Blaine that he is coming to visit in two weeks. Kurt then gets a call from a good gossip source and tells Blaine he will call him later. Blaine's "I love you" is responded with a dial tone. Blaine breaks into Barely Breathing , and pictures Kurt in the auditorium, watching him. Kurt is wearing the same outfit he wore when he first met Blaine at Dalton.

At the end of the number, we see Blaine messaging someone named Eli on Facebook, and is asked to go over his house. Blaine surprises Kurt in New York two weeks early, bringing a bouquet of roses. He says he couldn't wait any longer and missed Kurt so much. Kurt is elated, and the two share a quick, but desperate kiss. Kurt comments on Blaine seeming a bit off, but Blaine dismisses the comment, blaming it on a long flight.

After Brody and Rachel's performance, Blaine says he wants to sing something. Blaine performs the acoustic version of Teenage Dream saying that this was the song he sang when he first met the love of his life. Blaine breaks down during it and making Kurt worried. It is finally revealed during their walk in the park that Blaine was with someone. He said it didn't mean anything, and that he was just lonely and it was only a hookup. Kurt broke down, saying that he felt lonely too, and he had temptations, but he never did anything because he knew what it meant.

They, along with Finn and Rachel, sang Don't Speak and went to sleep without speaking. After a brief conversation with a co-worker, he throws the note away. The episode ends with Kurt and Blaine singing part of The Scientist with a flashback to the day they first met. Their dating status is currently uncertain.

In the beginning of the episode, Blaine is with Sam while he signs up to audition for Grease. Blaine tells Sam that he doesn't think he's in the right headspace to be in Grease; since his break-up with Kurt, Blaine hasn't been sleeping, lost his appetite, and hasn't been gelling his hair on weekends. He says that Kurt is his soul mate, and that they were planning to spend the rest of their lives together. Now, Kurt won't talk to him at all, and Blaine fears that he's lost Kurt forever.

Blaine begins to sing Hopelessly Devoted To You while flipping through a scrapbook of pictures, all of Kurt. When the song ends, Blaine is onstage for his Grease audition, where Artie and Finn tell him that he was amazing and perfect for Danny Zuko. Blaine interrupts tearfully, saying that he can't do it. He says he can't possibly play a romance when he himself had just ruined his own.

He says he could possibly play Teen Angel, but probably not. He then runs offstage in tears. It is revealed later that Blaine has received the role of Teen Angel. When he finds out, he looks at Finn like he's trying to smile, but can't. Kurt begins helping Rachel for her off-Broadway play audition. When Cassandra walks in, she starts asking more questions about the musical. They tell her that they're nervous to attend because both of their exes are somehow involved in the musical. Before the play, Kurt and Rachel run into Blaine, where he is caught off guard. Later Finn shows up which results in an extremely awkward and painful for all of them.

During this encounter, Blaine barely takes his eyes off Kurt, while Kurt barely makes any eye contact with Blaine. When they both walk away to get ready, Kurt starts to break down and tell Rachel that he can't do it and it was a mistake coming, but Rachel tells him that it will be alright. Towards the end of the play, Kurt imagines a sort of fantasy where he and Blaine are singing You're the One That I Want together, both happily dancing and singing as if nothing was wrong.

Afterwards, Kurt and Blaine have a cold, sad conversation. Blaine tries to tell Kurt what happened between him and the guy he hooked up with, but Kurt refuses to listen. He tells Blaine that relationships are about trust, and that he doesn't trust Blaine anymore. He leaves with Rachel, leaving Blaine obviously devastated. Blaine immediately turns it down, saying that her persuasion powers can't help him talk to his ex. Later, Blaine tells Finn about singing with the Warblers, about how it just felt right to him.

While Blaine is cleaning out his locker, Sam comes up to him and asks him why he is going back to Dalton Academy. Blaine admits that he just wants to further punish himself for cheating on Kurt. Blaine explains that he cheated because he felt that Kurt was moving forward without him, and that maybe they weren't meant to be together. However immediately after, Blaine realizes that they are meant to be and is devastated. Blaine tells him that everything is not all right because he hurt the one person he loves more than anything in the world. Sam tells him that he needs to say that to Kurt, but Blaine replies that Kurt isn't talking to him, and he doesn't blame him, openly acknowledging that his actions broke the trust they shared.

Sam tells him that exiling himself to Dalton isn't going to make what Blaine did any better, and that he has to try and forgive himself. During a dinner date with a majority of the McKinley Glee alumni, questions start brewing about Rachel and Kurt, and whether anyone has heard anything from them. Mike speaks up saying that Blaine has been texting him, but Kurt has still not replied. Meanwhile, Kurt and Rachel are walking the streets of New York talking about how they will celebrate Thanksgiving, with Rachel getting Kurt to agree that although New York makes them feel lonely at times it is better not to return home to Lima for the holidays, despite Kurt missing his father in particular.

Rachel makes a point of it being better to stay away from Finn and Brody, and Kurt adds "and Blaine," though he does not look quite as convinced as Rachel. He looks wistful as if deep down he did long for home and pine for his ex-boyfriend. He makes Rachel "pinky-promise" that it'll be the best Thanksgiving celebration.

Later on, as Kurt is about to leave work, he discovers that Isabelle is still sitting at her desk, so he has a brief chat with her. Isabelle remarks on Kurt's mood, saying that he appears to be a bit more cheery than he had been during the preceding weeks and inquires whether Kurt has had some closure on his relationship troubles. Kurt replies that Blaine has sent him numerous texts, but he has told him to stop apologizing and contacting him, as he refuses to care for a cheater. However, Isabelle sees through Kurt's tough exterior, realizing that Kurt is merely trying to ignore his pain, and advises Kurt not to shove Blaine away because people can only really deal with hurtful situations by either apologizing or forgiving the person at fault by accepting their sincere apologies.

After the performance, there is a cut to sectionals, where the New Directions are getting ready to go on stage. Blaine is sitting amongst the other Glee members looking depressed, implying that he is thinking of and missing Kurt. Blaine's cell phone rings and the display is shown, which says "Kurt Hummel. Blaine speaking to Kurt on Thanksgiving. Blaine gets up and walks to the back of the stage so he can talk to Kurt in quiet.

He says hello to Kurt in a timid, but hopeful voice. Kurt asks Blaine whether he can hear him, since he is sitting on the balcony and there's some background noise from cars passing by. Blaine tries to explain something to Kurt, but Kurt stops him, telling him that he need not apologize because he has done so a million times and he does believe in the sincerity of Blaine's apologetic gestures. He then tells Blaine with tears in his eyes that he's been trying to forgive him for what he did, but he still needs more time to process what happened before he can fully forgive Blaine for cheating.

He adds that he felt the need to call him in spite of this, because "It's Thanksgiving, and sectionals" and tearfully admits "and I miss you like crazy" even though he is still mad at Blaine, at which we see Blaine tear up out of hopeful relief that Kurt still cares about him after all. Kurt then adds that he can't stand not talking "because you're still my best friend" to which Blaine tearfully replies that Kurt is his, too. Kurt tells Blaine that at Christmas, he wants a proper heart-to-heart conversation with him in person, and that he hopes they can ice-skate and have hot chocolate together, as long as it's not at the Lima Bean because he saw a mouse there when he worked there.

A very emotional Blaine laughs through his tears and hopefully asks, "So we're really gonna see each other at Christmas? He then whispers, "Kurt, I love you so much," and Kurt, now crying, tells Blaine that he loves him, too. Blaine hangs up the phone, the expression on his face implying that, with this huge weight taken off of his chest, he can finally breathe again.

Meanwhile, Kurt walks into his apartment with tears rolling down his cheeks, and a sympathetic Isabelle is waiting to take him into her arms to comfort him. Kurt tells Rachel that he just talked to Blaine. Kurt tells her that he told him that New Directions lost Sectionals and that Kurt admits that he feels really bad for Blaine.

He tells Artie that since he was being bullied so much, he only came to school twice a week and was held back a year. Artie asks what Blaine has to say about that to which Kurt replies "who's Blaine? Burt tells Kurt that his present is too big to put under the tree, and that he can pick it up at a certain address. After arriving at an ice skating rink, Kurt is surprised by his gift — Blaine. Blaine asks if Kurt is happy to see him to which Kurt replies that he is. Blaine tells Kurt that Burt told him everything, and that he'll look after him. Blaine also reminds Kurt of their holiday tradition, their Christmas duet.

The two skate together and sing White Christmas. At the end of the song, Blaine and Kurt share loving and uncertain looks. The two share a hug with an on-looking Burt smiling. Later, Blaine loses a bet with Burt when Kurt gives and starts to read Vogue during the basketball game after a small amount of time. Burt says, "You may have dated him, but I raised him! The two sing their part of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas , with Blaine staring at Kurt lovingly the whole time, clearly picturing future Christmases with Kurt and hopefully Burt.

In the episode, they do not interact, but Rachel says she is glad that Kurt has got over his break-up with Blaine because she wants him to find a new man. However Kurt does bring up Blaine to Adam , where he admits that Blaine was the better dancer in their relationship. Tina assures him that without Kurt, he needs someone and somewhere to place his affection, which he agrees with. Although there is no direct interaction between the both of them, it's shown that Blaine still keeps numerous photos of Kurt around him - two photos posted on his locker door and photos on his bedside table.

Kurt and Blaine are reunited at Will and Emma's wedding, and immediately they waste no time catching up. The two of them are passionately making out in the back seat of a car. The two are kissing each other numerous times and have their hands all over the others body.

During the make out session, Kurt brings up that he is kind of seeing someone in New York Adam , but Blaine reassures him that they aren't in New York and that those two aren't exclusive. Blaine also mentions that he can't help himself anyway cause Kurt's bowtie is like his kryptonite. They go back to kissing and Kurt even tries to get Blaine's tie undone. But once again, Kurt stops to make sure that this doesn't make them back together, but Blaine again comforts him by saying that this is just "bros helping bros.

She tells them that the wedding is about to start, and the two crawl out. Mercedes mentions how trashy this is, but Kurt tells her that "everyone hooks up at weddings. Immediately, the two portray their natural chemistry that they always had when performing. The two start feeding off each other's energy, performing synchronized choreography, somewhat flirtatious behavior, and personal contact.

After they perform, Blaine is going to get a drink and offers Kurt one. He accepts, but also adds that they're not dating and that they're here as friends which Blaine says simultaneously. Tina confronts Kurt about his relationship. She starts attacking him and his character, but eventually the conversation returns to Blaine being sick and Tina rubbing vapour rub on him. Kurt is shocked to hear this, and when Tina tries to leave, Kurt somewhat angrily asks if she "vapo-raped" his ex and follows her hoping for a further explanation.

Later in the night, the two of them are dancing together in hold to We've Got Tonite. Then, up in the hotel halls, Kurt and Blaine are walking together while singing their individual solo. They reach a hotel room where Kurt has a key to, opens it, grabs Blaine's tie and pulls him in. In that room, Kurt is seen looking in the mirror buttoning up his disheveled shirt implying that the two of them had sex. Blaine then dares Kurt to tell him that they're not back together.

Kurt starts by saying that what they did was fun, but Blaine interrupts him saying that he won't let Kurt minimize their relationship. He tells him that it is no accident that the two of them were together on Christmas, and again on Valentine's Day, and confidentially adds that they will be together for many more no matter how much Kurt pretends that what they did didn't mean anything. While talking, Blaine grabs Kurt's blazer, helps him put it on, and rubs his shoulders with an added cleaning swipe. Kurt then leans in quite close, whispering that he'll see him downstairs and leaves.

Blaine gives an extremely pleased smile, and then jumps back on the bed, but with an attitude as if he has accomplished something to becoming a couple again. Later in the halls of McKinley, Kurt and Blaine are walking together with Tina where she starts apologizing for what she did to Kurt at the wedding. Tina admits that when she saw the two together performing, she was jealous seeing these soul mates reconnect the signature chemistry they have.

Then when Tina brings up how sorry she is for the way she was hitting on Blaine, he tells her that it is okay and that they should really just go back to being friends. Kurt then chimes in adding that "just friends" is what he and Blaine are. Kurt then tells Tina that the two of them were off to see a double feature and invite Tina along, walking away linking elbows with Tina in the middle.

Girls and Boys on Film. Kurt shushes her and the four proceed to pick a movie to watch. The four decide upon Moulin Rouge, where Kurt proceeds to have a daydream of him and Blaine singing Come What May on a rooftop similar to the one in the movie. There are flashbacks to when the two first met and their first time.

The song ends with the two embracing tightly and passionately, and it fades back to reality where Kurt is crying. He shrugs it off when asked about it, saying that his contacts were hurting.

Later, Kurt and Adam talk about what happened the night of the storm. Kurt admits he wants to be over Blaine, and Adam tells him that the two are going to go to find the sappiest romance movie they can, and that that will be their movie. Kurt looks conflicted and doesn't respond. While Kurt and Blaine's relationship is not a main focus in this episode, it is mentioned throughout the episode. When Kurt reveals that he sleeps with a boyfriend pillow, he expressed that he if anyone found out, "God forbid, Blaine," he'd be mortified.

Back in Lima, Blaine is still crushing on Sam. When Sam reveals he makes amazing macaroni art, and shows Blaine his one of Kurt, Blaine smiles, and says, "The macaroni really captures him. However, it is arguable that it was about Sam due to his many glances towards him in the audience, who seems to catching on to the situation as the song progresses.

As the song ends and Blaine claims the song to be about Kurt, no one believes him. Kurt returns to Ohio to be with his father during his medical appointment. He visits McKinley, as both Mercedes and Mike are back also. Later, he, Mercedes, Blaine, and Mike are out at the Lima Bean, and Blaine starts talking about the success of marriage equality and that he'll be able to see it when he goes to New York.

During the coffee "date," Blaine notices how freaked out Kurt is getting with him organizing the pile of sugar. Mercedes and Blaine hold both of his hands and assure him everything will be okay with his dad which it ultimately is, as Burt is declared in remission by his doctor. Blaine seems to be once again amazed at Kurt's musical abilities as he jams about in the background, and even gives him a standing ovation along with Mercedes and Will.

Burt later arrives in the auditorium to meet Blaine, who gives him a rainbow pin that he can wear at work to show his support for gay marriage. After Burt wholeheartedly expresses his support, Blaine takes the initiative and asks Burt for his permission to ask Kurt to marry him. Blaine knows that Kurt is his soulmate, and that in order to get him back he needs to do something bold. Burt starts by saying that it means a lot of how Blaine loves Kurt and that Blaine is like family to him. Blaine questions whether or not everything will be okay with him and Kurt and is afraid he'll meet someone else.

Burt then asks if he thinks that the two of them were meant to be and that they have a true love, both to which Blaine says yes too.

And just has he leaves, Burt gives Blaine some well-needed advice; when two people are in love like he and Kurt are, everything will work out. Later in the halls of McKinley, Blaine pulls Kurt aside so they can be alone. Blaine starts to talk, but gets all nervous which Kurt finds cute. Blaine starts by asking for Kurt's hand in marriage - even though Burt didn't think it was the right time, but backs out and instead asks if he'll come to Regionals. Kurt immediately says yes and that he wouldn't miss it for the world and reassures him that he would have yes regardless.

They then link arms and walk off, where Kurt says that this has been a wonderful week, and Blaine whispers with Kurt it'll be a wonderful life. During the last number, For Once in my Life , Blaine stares at Kurt at the lines "I'm not alone anymore," and Kurt being oblivious to what Blaine really means. Kurt, Mike, Mercedes and Will then decide to jump on stage and join the group, and he and Blaine share a microphone.

Despite Burt 's advice from the previous episode, Blaine still wants to propose to Kurt, believing him to be his soulmate. He consults with Sam and despite Sam's pleas for him to not go through with it, Blaine goes to a jewelry store with Tina to buy him a ring. He asks Tina's advice for which ring he should get, and Tina not-so-subtly tells him that if he were buying her a ring, she'd want the largest.

Suddenly, Blaine runs into Jan , who at first mistakenly believes that he and Tina are getting married, but Blaine tells her that he's buying a ring for his boyfriend because he wants to marry him. Jan asks him if Kurt is the one and Blaine says yes, that he's his soulmate. Later, Blaine invites Kurt to go to Breadstix with Jan and her partner Liz where they Jan and Liz talk about their relationship through the years and the experiences they had together.

Liz comments that Kurt and Blaine are a sweet couple, but Kurt dismisses that they are not a couple. Afterwards, Jan takes the initiative and asks Liz to "legally" marry her, which excites Kurt and Blaine. Before Regionals, Kurt and Blaine join the show choir circle where Brittany makes her goodbye to New Directions , both visibly moved by the girl's speech. After Regionals, both Kurt and Blaine bear witness to Will and Emma 's impromptu wedding where the episode ends with Blaine standing next to Kurt, clutching the engagement ring behind his back.

Sitting together at a romantic picnic, Kurt and Blaine discuss everything from Adam, to New York, and eventually their relationship. Blaine swears to Kurt that he will never cheat on him again, and Kurt, after a bit of teasing, agrees that they can try dating again. They dance playfully around each other until they end the song atop a courtyard table and seal their rekindled relationship with a passionate kiss. Later, Blaine announces his plans of a marriage proposal to the Glee Club, who seem a bit wary of the idea, especially considering that Blaine wants to recruit their rival show choirs to assist in the proposal of the century.

This eventually bleeds into Help, which includes a montage of Blaine and the Glee Club going to Vocal Adrenaline, the Haverbrook School for the Deaf choir, and the Warblers for help, to which they all enthusiastically agree. Once they reach Dalton, Kurt is brought inside by Blaine and serenaded by the group of choirs with All You Need Is Love while being hugged and cheered for by his friends and family. He tells Kurt how he never really felt like he was getting to know Kurt, but more like he was remembering him, how his soul knew something that day that his mind and body didn't, and how he wants to spend the rest of his life loving him.

Kurt tearfully says yes to his proposal and the two share a passionate kiss, with their loved ones clapping and cheering around them. They admire the ring and hug tightly. Tina in the Sky with Diamonds. Kurt and Blaine do not interact during this episode, but their engagement is briefly brought up by Sam, Rachel, and Santana. Blaine is excited by Kurt's acceptance and that he doesn't worry about how gay marriages work. While Kurt is happy to be engaged to Blaine, he doesn't plan on pending his entire happiness for marriage, but aims to become a Broadway star. Rachel mentions that Kurt and Blaine Skype every day, but that it's not sexy skyping.

Later when Kurt and Rachel are at the tattoo studio Kurt wonders if Blaine would be mad at him for getting a tattoo, to which Rachel replies that she thought that Blaine is obsessed with Adam Levine. After Kurt got his tongue pierced he reveals to Rachel that he is going to show his tattoo and piercing to Blaine and that he hopes that he will get cyber-lucky if he plays Maroon 5 music. He performs Piano Man in the Spotlight Diner , with Kurt telling the audience that they may not know Blaine Anderson's name yet, but they will once the name is lit up all over Broadway.

Blaine thanks Kurt for knowing him so well and tells him he loves him, Kurt returning the sentiment with an added hug. Back at the apartment Santana is shown to be very annoyed by the piano Blaine bought to thank them for letting him and Sam stay in their flat. When Sam declines food that Rachel offers him they all become worried. They try to convince him that starving himself won't end well and that he should rather look for another agency, but Sam won't listen. Blaine then suggests they sing a song to convince Sam. After his argument with the other members of the New Directions , Blaine calls Kurt.

Kurt tells Blaine he shouldn't be too controlling, and that others might consider him a puppet master. Kurt then invites Blaine to Pamela Lansbury's debut gig, and he promises to be there. Blaine asks the Arts and Crafts teacher if he could make a Kurt puppet because he misses Kurt a lot. He is then seen talking to the Kurt puppet as if it was really Kurt.

After getting in trouble because of the puppet, Blaine realizes he'll miss Kurt's band's gig. When Kurt calls him before the gig, Blaine admits that he got detention and couldn't fly to New York. Kurt gets angry for Blaine not calling to tell him that, and even more so when Blaine mentions that he made a Kurt puppet. Since this episode was depicting a different timeline for the characters, all the previous events starting from Glee, Actually did not happen. In other terms, this episode did not happen in terms of future glee storylines.

He invites himself in Kurts, Rachels and Santanas apartment, where they sing and dance whilst drinking to the point of drunk. Rachel and Santana evenutally catch Kurt and Cody kissing.

The next morning, Rachel and Santana find Kurt tied up in his own bed. He says that Cody tied him up and then stole everyrthing in their apartment. Kurt and Blaine converse through the phone; Kurt is concerned with Pamela Lansbury 's newest member, Elliott Gilbert , who seems to be trying to steal away his spotlight, along with his control of the band. Blaine suggests that he gets close to Elliott, quoting "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

In the picture, Elliott has his lips puckered near Kurt's chin. Though Blaine insists that Kurt is being friends with Elliott, Becky remarks that they are definitely a couple and walks off. Blaine stands frozen in the hall, with Tina and Artie standing behind him. They sit next to each other during Will's assignment, with Blaine cheering for Kurt during his performance of Defying Gravity.

Later, April approaches them and asks when they are getting married, to which Blaine replies they're going to wait until setting a definitive date. April gives a bottle of tequila to each of them as a wedding present. Blaine and Kurt enter excited the choir room, where some past New Directions members are packing some trophies, and happily tell them in unison that Blaine got into NYADA.

After Sam accidentally hits Tina with one of the trophies, she has a dream about her and some of her friends, among them Kurt and Blaine, living together in New York. In her dream, Tina enters a room to find both of them making out. They appear together in the video the club prepared for Will, in which Kurt say their children will be called Little Hepburn and Tracy.

After the video they sing and dance together to Don't Stop Believin' along with all the other past and final New Directions members. They both get solos.

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Kurt is present in Blaine's graduation sitting behind him and they smile and share a hug when Blaine's name is pronounced. Kurt claps while Blaine walks up on stage. Opening the episode, Downtown is performed by Kurt, Blaine with their friends and new roommates in New York. During the scene, we can see Blaine and Kurt getting a coffee together before reuniting with the others. Later, they are seen sleeping together in, formerly, Kurt's bedroom.


Blaine-Kurt Relationship

Blaine suddenly gets up and starts preparing breakfast for him, and shortly after Kurt wakes up and realizes it. It is revealed that he has been doing it everyday for the past 6 months. Blaine and Kurt talk about how now they're living their future and how amazing it is. However Kurt is worried that him and Blaine are turning each other into an old married couple. After the duet ends, Sam enters the building to find Kurt and Blaine lying on top of each other on the couch. Sam not taking the hint, proceeds to tell Kurt and Blaine about his day and then leaves to go shower.

Kurt then insists Blaine on Sam finding another place to live since there are too many people living in the loft now. Blaine says he got permission from Carmen Tibideaux to be in six of Kurt's classes, and as they continue talking, the teacher asks them to be quiet. Blaine then manages to reach Kurt and they continue discussing about Sam and the classes they share, which are way more than Kurt expected. This makes Kurt look overwhelmed. Later at the loft Kurt is seen pacing back and forth trying to help Artie who had just been mugged.

Blaine, not seeming to care turns on the sodastream machine causing a lot of noise. This upsets Kurt, and he yells at Blaine telling him that Artie is very fragile, and he doesn't have to use it right now. Blaine apologizes and Kurt apologizes as well explaining that Blaine "just needs his bubbles. Rachel declines saying it's bad for her vocal chords and that she would rather have some hot water and lemon. Kurt then fills Rachel in on what happened to Artie.

Blaine completely ignoring what Kurt had said uses the sodastream machine again, causing Kurt to threaten him by throwing it out the window. With Rachel repeating "It's a towncar, not a limousine! Elliott and Kurt are seen at the guitar shop and Elliott is talking about a song that he thinks One Three Hill should do.

He realizes that Kurt isn't listening, and gets annoyed. Kurt apologizes saying that he didn't get any sleep the night before. Elliott makes a snarky comment, and Kurt explains it wasn't like that. He tells Elliott that Blaine brought to the loft a mid century knock-off couch because the furniture Kurt picked out was too uncomfortable. Kurt explains that he observed the couch and it ended up being infested with bed bugs.

So the entire night was spent disinfecting the loft, and their bodies. Kurt tells Elliott that he thinks the couch is an omen for their relationship. That it's headed for disaster, and he feels claustrophobic being around Blaine all the time. He's afraid of losing his identity. Elliott tells Kurt that he's crazy, and that what he and Blaine have is real. He tells him that they just need to set some boundaries, and Kurt nods agreeing with him. Back at the loft, Kurt arrives to find Blaine redecorating the living room; turning it into a workspace.

Kurt then gets angry with him telling him that he can't just do whatever he wants, when he wants and that he should ask Kurt permission to change something in his apartment. They continue to argue until Kurt brings up what Elliott had said earlier about losing boundaries. Blaine then gets upset and storms out of the loft. Later Blaine shows up to Elliott's apartment, confronting him about his relationship with Kurt.

And to back off. Elliott however, remains calm throughout Blaine's rant, and reassures Blaine that he is just friends with Kurt, and doesn't think of him in that way. Elliott tells Blaine that it doesn't matter if he did because Kurt loves him, and never shuts up about him. Blaine then calms down and apologizes to Elliott explaining that they've been apart for so long, and he just wants to catch up to him. Elliott understanding Blaine's point of view, tells him that he just needs to let Kurt breathe and to stop trying so hard.

Blaine agrees, and to help clear the air between the two of them Elliott insists they sing a song together; bringing up one of Blaine's insults from earlier: After going to see Elliott, Blaine gets back home to find Kurt waiting for him. They admit having breaking away for a little to be a moment alone and realize their relationship isn't working ever since they are living together. They finally decide to step back a little and that Blaine should move out.

After they announce their decision and Mercedes shows up at Bushwick, Blaine determines to move with Mercedes along with Sam. Kurt and Blaine are shown to be trying to get a couch inside Blaine's new home without Rachel's help, who leaves very soon after. Kurt says he needs a break and Blaine looks at him, smiling.

During Rachel's performance of People , the couple is shown walking the New York streets and buying some flowers, and sitting next to each other during their new traditional Monday dinner with Sam, Rachel, and Artie. Later before their traditional Monday night dinner, the two of them both emerge from Kurt's bedroom. Rachel and Blaine perform Broadway Baby for their assignment, Kurt happily sitting in the audience. However, Carmen Tibideaux wasn't so impressed and failed them, but gave them another chance to do the assignment properly.

After Kurt's beating, the hospital calls Blaine on his cell.

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Immediately he and Sam get to the hospital and Blaine hurries to the recpetion desk. When the doctor appears Blaine rushes, looking concerned, to hear the news, and although he is okay, he is sleeping, but allows the five of them to visit him. In his room, Blaine sits on his bedside and holds his hand.

Back in the hospital, Blaine cuddles right next to Kurt with a sweet embrace, nudges he head on his shoulder, and lays beside him in the bed. When Kurt is discharged from the hospital, he waits for Blaine near Russ' memorial to replace the roses he had put earlier. Blaine assures him that he doesn't have to do this right now, but Kurt wants to do it anyways. The two walk to his memorial, replace the roses, and stand there for a while with their arms interlocked and Blaine's head on Kurt's shoulder. Back at Kurt and Rachel's apartment, the gang return for Monday night dinner, and Blaine quickly walks over to give Kurt a hug.

At the showcase, Kurt sings I'm Still Here with the whole gang in the audience, plus Burt who is sitting beside Blaine. During his solo, Blaine is seen to be impressed and captivated in awe by his performance. When he finished, Blaine participates in the standing ovations and goes up to congratulate him and attempts and fails to give him a kiss on the cheek, but participates in the group hug. Blaine and Kurt are seen sharing a little moment.

Blaine explains that he has been eating more since he moved to New York as he enters the bedroom eating a cronut while Kurt is doing pushups. Kurt is seen weightlifting, and it is evident that he has become very toned and he's getting a lot of attention, unlike Blaine, who is eating goodies. Blaine is upset because, as he explains, he has been feeling a little jealous due to Kurt caring more for his physical appearance, and remembers how it used to be back in their High School days - exactly the opposite.

For Blaine, it's been a change in their power dynamic, and that makes him uncomfortable. Later, Artie, Sam, Kurt, and Blaine are hanging together in a restaurant. Sam express his intention to take a STD test and this opens the talk about this topic. C , and this seems to make him feel awkward. After a while, the waitress gives an ice cream to Kurt, who says that he didn't order it, but Blaine tells him it's just a little gift from him. Kurt thanks him - but declares that he'll jog home. Back in stage combat class, Kurt and Blaine, along with the rest of the group are asked to pair up.

After class the two are arranging a dinner and a movie. Blaine is in charge of the food, which happens to not be very healthy, and Kurt tells Blaine this. While choosing a movie to go and see, Kurt takes Blaine's laptop, and finds that Blaine has been visiting pornographic websites. Upset, since they haven't been intimate in a week, he leaves the room. At the end of the song they start a combat against each other with fencing swords. And make out in a steamy car.

Blaine-Kurt Relationship

With some luck, maybe Kurt and Blaine will finally get back together. Adding hope to those of us who were sobbing during the break-up episode in October, Ryan tweeted: Never give up on Klaine. Never give up on Brittana. Never give up on Wemma. Ryan previously shared that Glee would do a tribute episode to the film. We may soon see the two perform the love song right after the wedding, or even in the same episode if it turns out to be the tribute.

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