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The ubiquitous gay guy app—Grindr works in Tel Aviv like in most other cities around the world. Headless torsos, slutty direct messages and a whole lot of inane conversations.

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But, due to the overwhelming friendliness of many Tel Avivians this is a very tourist-friendly city , the app is a great way to connect, and dare I say: Accommodation in Tel Aviv is famously expensive, but Airbnb makes it much easier to find more affordable places to stay. Look for places in the outskirts from the city center—around Kikar Rabin in the north or Florentin in the south.

Even if everyone in Tel Aviv seems to be glued to their phones all day long, people do seem to go out and enjoy bits of digital detoxes. The rental stations are located all over the city and have on-screen instructions in English, German and other languages—making it simple and easy to use. The Telobike app also shows you which stations are nearest to you using GPS, plus will let you know how many bikes are currently docked at each station, so you know where to go to drop off or pick up a bike.

With the daily rental fee, you can use the bike for 30 minutes at a time — each ride over 30 minutes incurs a small fine.

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You can also rent for an entire week at just 70 shekels. Maybe not as useful as in other cities, the Uber app can be useful for getting a taxi in Tel Aviv. Keep in mind that public transportation in Israel shuts down during shabbat and Jewish holidays, so sometimes taxis are the only way to get around. Uber makes finding a taxi abroad much easier. Simply log in through the app and you can hail a ride from just about anywhere in Tel Aviv. For those traveling Tel Aviv on a budget, the app also has a special listing of free events.

Another gay dating app read: My favorite way to prepare for a trip is to search in Google Maps for all the bars, restaurants and shops I plan to hit up on a trip. Another gay travel app, this one is actually produced by the official city tourism office. Most trips have one male and one female counselor. Their job is to make sure the trip runs smoothly, that participants are informed of schedules, that everyone wakes up on time and that no one gets too drunk.

If they get caught sleeping with a participant, they will be summarily and unceremoniously fired. You may be attracted to their idealism, their knowledge of and passion for Israel or the forbidden nature of a possible dalliance. But do everyone a favor, try to keep it in your pants until after the trip. A madrich or madricha has to be attentive to the needs of all the participants and their ability to do that is diminished if they are cooing over someone, showing favoritism or if they disappear every night to have sex with the object of their affection.

If you do not heed my advice and have sex with your madrich or madricha, please at least exercise extreme discretion for the sake of everyone involved and try not to be clingy or too obvious, ok? Medic They are usually young Israelis recently released from the Army, trying to make a little cash before they begin their University studies. They are usually quiet and reserved and are working in this poorly paying job because they really need the money.

If they have sex with a participant they too will lose their job and get fired. Wait until after the trip, extend your ticket and do what you like, but during the trip, leave these people alone. Fellow Trip participants These are usually your safest bet for sex. The shared experience of seeing Israel for the first time creates a strong, albeit fleeting bond which can translate into sex.

It will be easier for you to finagle your own room if the person you are fucking is on your trip. And it might even be fun as long as you are aware of the potential pitfalls of vacation sex. That sudden bond you feel with the other person might be artificial, fueled by your shared experiences or by a night of hard drinking. Conclusions That having been said, the outside perception of Birthright trips being giant drunken orgies is actually grossly exaggerated.

Based on my large trove of anecdotal evidence and personal experience, the vast majority of people participating in Birthright do not have sex on the trip.

Other Tel Aviv Cities:

The amount of sexual activity taking place may be slightly above average, but not by that much. Please keep in mind that your Taglit Birthright Israel trip is a brief and unique experience. You should make the most of your 10 days, try to extend your ticket and see a little more of the country. If in the midst of it all, you manage some sex, try to make sure it is good and please make it safe! Just one comment, if I may. Just imagine if you substituted the word Afro-American for Israeli in this piece. I think this might very well be the dumbest comment I have ever read in the two years that I have been following Jewlicious.

What am I saying? I am saying that you are an idiot Carl. Unless you and I are both African American — then it would be ok, right? I got back from a Birthright trip last month, and there were a few hookups that occurred- and maybe more that were hiding the fact.

Hanging out in Tel Aviv, Israel! - Travel Vlog

By the end, there were 2 couples, including one male soldier and an American. This blog seems correct based on what I heard and saw. Just to further confirm, a female soldier who became a friend of mine told me the same exact thing that many male soldiers were there to be with women while the women soldiers tended to be there for the Taglit experience. I did birthright last year, there were a few ppl who were doing it but waaaaay over exaggerated, although there was a hot soldier who I wouldntve said no to. You know what you missed Wendy? The fact that if you do have sex on your Birthright trip, everyone will know.

Including the bus driver. This is the most accurate depiction of birthright ever. Hilarious…The whole time I was there i just kept shaking my head and muttering, I was promised a week long drunken orgy. They stock up on jumbo sized boxes of condoms and when they inevitably do not get laid, they just lie about it to their friends. Guys lie SO much! The reality was that nothing had happened. The guys were just lying. For the record they were all frat brothers — not AEPI btw.

Just total ass hat losers. It only SEEMS like everyone is getting laid on the trips because people will come home telling story after story about how much sex they had. I just got accepted on a Birthright trip. Can I say that on Jewlicious? Shocked, I tell you. What can you do? Americans have money but do not know how to enjoy life. Israeli kids have less money but take more risks and live life with all their beings and with less worries.

As an Israeli, I have always wondered why 1st world people need subsided trips to a 3rd world or developing country. Israeli women have enough problems living in a macho, chauvinistic atmosphere. We do not need reinforcement in that sense. Israel is not a brothel. Ori, the Birthright trips are subsidized by wealthy Americans, not by Israel, although Israel now sponsors Masa. Please do so before commenting so we can have a conversation that makes sense. Rest assured, I have read this post. Coming to Israel to get laid sounds like a terrible waste of money, donations are hard to come by these days.

Not by any measure. Israel has much more to offer than just that. Better work on your reading comprehension skills. But hey, what do I know. I only live here. By the way, you can better your chances by actually living here, but who wants to live in a 3rd world country.

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  • I live on Agripas. Right by the shuk. I also travel a lot. I know what third world is. Based on my large trove of anecdotal evidence and personal experience, the vast majority of people participating in Birthright do not have sex on the trip… Please keep in mind that your Taglit Birthright Israel trip is a brief and unique experience. So if people assume that sex is going to happen, that is probably more of a natural outcome of the age and availability of participants than what is marketed.

    It seems that at some point, the Israeli government began to supplement the contributions for individuals. As an Israeli, it really bothers me that my tax money is going to send a bunch of hard drinking, sex-crazed Americans to Israel on a free trip. I fully support the idea of Birthright, I think it does amazing things.

    But I also think it is disgusting that I should be asked to fund it. Taxes here are extremely high and I completely understand that it needs to be this way to support the high costs of the IDF. If the government has some money to burn maybe they should think about investing it into the infrastructure of our country instead of buying plane tickets for a bunch of Americans who just want to get laid and get high. Your money is going toward ensuring that a generation of American Jews who hardly know Israel will get to know it, love it and then expend their energy supporting it.

    I know it sounds crazy, but it really helps to have the American Jewish community supporting Israel. The second issue is that your tax dollars are being spent by the Israeli government to support many other things which are questionable. The vast majority of Birthright Israel participants are neither sex crazed nor hard drinking — they are just your typical year old diaspora youth. The money my Israeli government spends on bringing them to Israel is more than repaid when these participants form lifelong attachments to Israel, return for visits and in some cases, move here.

    Promoting the notion that a strong attachment to the Jewish state is a central and important element of Jewish identity is a good thing as well. Birthright Israel also serves as a feeder to MASA where diaspora youth come to Israel for long term social and educational programs which also serve to strengthen Israel-Diaspora ties. Thank you for making aliya to Israel Tzippy. Thank you for living here and paying taxes. So isrealis offended their tax dollars fund birthright? Well as a US citizen im offended that my tax dollars fund the rest of the world….. The Israeli Government definitely is a major contributor to the Taglit program.

    Several million dollars yearly. The birthright trip to Israel is meant to be a encounter that allows people to learn more about their heritage, spirituality and a possible personal connection with the Jewish World. The different with Israel is that, for some reason, our nutcases always make the news they dress so picturesquely, I guess.

    And for sure, there are some real romances and relationships that have their beginnings on Birthright trips. But I meet Birthrighters all the time, and I generally find them to be truly interested in the possibilities that the trip opens up. This post cheapens the potential of the experience. It treats sex in a sleezy manner and then creates the impression that a BRI trip revolves around, um, not getting caught with your pants down.

    There is another way to look at this post, Laurie. The Birthright experience is multi-faceted. It involves young men and women, almost always unmarried, who are taken on an intense, stimulating experience that usually opens their minds to different ways of looking at themselves and their world. Rather than viewing this as cheapening the other aspects of this experience, perhaps you should consider this simply a particular way of viewing or discussing a key element in the Birthright experience.

    I like fucking girls my age 18 to 22 but they're all in the idf and live with their parents until like 25 and my age is kind of a barrier until they hit 30 but then they are fucking crazy clingy in a bad way. My situation here is really weird because of my work so I'm really looking for a solid girl with her own place but all the girls with their own place are the late 30s crazies or they are recruited here by the russian mob and work ridiculous hours. I'll definitely take your advice with the bars but sometimes it's kind of scary seeing girls who look 16 and "forgot their id" there.

    Also I don't know if you've been to the Havana salsa club but there are some of the baddest bitches there and if you know salsa and aren't gay, you're basically drowning in some prime pussy. Israeli guys have hyper aggressive game, and will usually just pull a girl towards them and take in the club without any communication. They may back down with you, but with women they certainly won't. I'll admit I haven't been too observant in seeing how they game but I really don't see the hyper aggressive game.

    Like just interacting with the girls, all of them act like they've never been kissed before. Like I'll grab them in the club and get pushed away then I'll walk away and they will come back and try to get with me like they've never been hit on before and I'll go to make out and they'll make out like a fish and fuck like a star fish. The best kisssers have unfortunately been the israeli strippers but they fuck like starfish too. Strip clubs have definitely been a vice for me here since the girls are pretty attractive and mostly down to bang if you get a room which is fairly cheap.

    I'll admit they are really rude, but they are quick to back down if you call them out. I have seen zero fights in Tel Aviv. Maybe a few yelling matches, but the guys here are more passive aggressive than anything. Maybe because of all the hummus. Women will always fuck, in every country, that's science. So from what I understand here, I guess you have to want kids and be jewish. Those aren't really options for me, but maybe I'll consider lying. Yeah maybe - was thinking about suggesting that you lie, depends how you feel about that really.



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